Zach Fay and Julie McWilliams are the founders of Kingdom Scene Endeavors, a St. Louis startup company that has created a digital game world of Christian faith and fun for kids called Lightgliders. Zach is a former youth pastor and Deloitte consultant, who wrote the company’s first business plan while in graduate school. Julie is a former camp counselor and Account Executive at Maritz, who convinced Zach to move back to St. Louis so that they could develop Lightgliders together. Both have spent considerable time with young people in counseling and mentoring roles. Recognizing how critical the younger years are in shaping faith and values, they sought to find a way to impact kids before their teenage years in a culturally relevant and global manner. The research says that kids are spending more than five hours a day digitally connected and less than 20 minutes of quality time with mom or dad. So they set out to create a platform that would leverage the digital time so as to maximize the quality time. After years of capital raising, design, development, and testing, Lightgliders launched this past spring. It is a game world for kids available on computers, tablets, and smartphones that encourages biblical faith, positive values, and meaningful conversations.

  • Pivotal Experiences and Meaningful Conversations – these two things make all the difference in kids lives
  • Lightgliders is a place for kids to explore and expand their knowledge of God, their faith, and the unique ways God can use us for His glory.
  • Brother and Sister duo, Zach Fay and Julie McWilliams are the heartbeat behind Lightgliders, and it’s their family heritage of faith that has inspired the formation of this new digital world!

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