About Tom and Lori:

Tom and Lori Carr are a husband and wife team who share a passion for passing on Biblical thinking and practical skills to Christian spouses and parents.  They disciple and teach individuals and groups to walk with Jesus and live richer lives in the midst of what are often confusing and stressful life situations.  Because they are opposite in practically every way they easily connect with their audience. Their honesty, vulnerability, wisdom, and humor bring a refreshing perspective to their teaching.

A particular focus for them is helping parents love the actual child that they have, raising them with a view to their individuality.

Tom is a scientist and engineer with 35 years in technology-focused companies. Lori is a mentor and coach as well as a ministry planter. They have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Podcast Link: https://soundcloud.com/brilliantlybrave/ep65-tom-and-lori-carr

YouTube Link:https://youtu.be/f408RizvQpg

Quotes and Notes from our Interview:

First, the idea that children are foolish rather than good kids or bad kids. Why that’s so important, thinking Biblically about that and how it changes your relationship with each child individually and how they relate with each other…

Second, we see the need to respect each child.  This begins at birth, what does this look like and what are the benefits for the entire family.

Finally, how to maintain reconciled relationships in the family!

“More than just surviving parenthood, we are meant to thrive and flourish as parents”
Passionate personalities are opposite of precision personalities, know your kids personality and accommodate.
Implement regular meetings as a couple, review and discuss your parenting, finances, and family life. A key to healthy homes is healthy communication between parents.
“Don’t chase needs, the ‘need’ is not our call. Stay focused on what God’s called you to do”
God didn’t just choose us for our kids, but our kids were chosen for our benefit too”
Have very few rules, but keep the ones you have!”
Life speeds up during Junior High, accommodate to that reality.
As a family, our goal is to be reconciled to Jesus and each other.
Reconciliation is a desire, for something you can control or manipulate into happening.
Don’t’ think of your kids as ‘good” or ‘bad’ – but foolish or wise. The way you think about your kids will affect your relationship with them in the present and the future. Respect lasts a lifetime.