Tim & Amy Cleary 

Founder / CEO – Aetherlight – Software for Christian kids / families

  • Kids are often opposites, we have a 3 year old daughter who is the ‘animal’ and our 5 year old son who is the sensitive ‘artist’.
  • Transition – moving – changes all affect the marriage and family dynamic, how does a home endure and survive in the midst of chaos and drama?
  • Finding “alice’ in your “brady bunch” was a key for our marriage surviving the changes of the past 2 years! – quote Tim Cleary
  • 3 things you have to do to make it as a couple with small children – a. No cyncism is tolerable with your kids or wife – b. avoid ‘entitlement’ thinking – c. forgivenes is essential to maintaining relationships without resentment
  • “Facetime saved our marriage when I was on the road”
  • “Learning to be selfless in marriage is like a piece of glass in the river, it gets tumbled over and over until it’s edges are all smooth”


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