For nearly a decade Thaddeus Heffner has practiced as a licensed marriage and family therapist in the greater Nashville area. Counseling individuals and groups both, he has increasingly found himself working with men and young men around issues of addiction and attachment, including those who wish to better understand and reduce unwanted same sex lust. Being certified in EMDR Trauma therapy, Thaddeus also works with men, women and teens who struggle with anxiety, PTSD, and other trauma wounds in their life. His passion is to help people understand that we each have a unique story, and to see them embrace healing in their lives while getting their needs met through healthy community.

This week’s topic points:

  • Addictive behaviors share a common origin and environment – it’s the influences along the way that shape our responses to them.
  • Addictive behaviors come from unmet ‘needs’.
  • Addictions can be our greatest shame or our greatest teacher.
  • Understanding our ‘needs’ is one of the key steps for us in recovery from unwanted addictive behaviors.