Episode #68

In 1991, Christine and her husband Scott released their first project on Sparrow/EMI Records, their self-titled album, Out of the Grey.This debut album was ranked 47th in the book CCM Presents: The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music.In the next 2 decades they created 7 more Out of the Grey recordings, including their recent, A Little Light Left.Many of their songs topped the CCM charts, including “All We Need,” “Nothin’s Gonna Keep Me From You,” “Steady Me,” and “You’re The One I’ve Been Waiting For.”

As recording artists, Christine and Scott spent many years in the studio and on the road, making music and raising their 3 children.Now with more time on her hands, Christine is writing books about life, songwriting, and her life as an artist alongside her many other roles. As a mother, wife, and teacher, she reveals her struggles with balancing faith and fear. She also shares her joys with finding new personal freedoms as she gets older. Scott now works with Ken Lewis in their music production company, Global Genius Productions (http://www.globalgeniusproductions.com)

Music is still important in Christine’s life. She recently recruited her 25-year-old son Julian to record and produce 5 new songs she’d written. Julian Dente is also a songwriter and musician who brings his unique style to embellish his mom’s musicianship.

I‘ve got issues with FAITH, FEAR, and FREEDOM. I have learned to WRITE MY OWN MEDICINE. I want to encourage others to FIND LIFE IN THE BIGGER STORY. What is the bigger story? That’s the mystery, the big picture meaning that we’re searching for!

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” Quotes and Notes” from Interview:

“Parenting becomes coaching as our kids get older, more listening, less advice”

“Perfection is a myth – just let it go”

“Not every moment as a parent is a teaching moment”

“I saw my blind spot, you just can’t do everything right”

“If you apologize to your kids, you will build a future with them” Scott Dente

“We brought FEAR into our parenting – my biggest regret” – Christine Dente

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