Episode #98

Scott & Amelia Moore founded Athentikos in 2008 to authentically give back to Guatemala, the birth country of their two adopted sons. After wrestling with infertility for over a decade, Scott and Amelia adopted two sons, Micah and Elliot. During their adoption process, they learned about Guatemala’s tragic history and met children who were still hurting. They couldn’t just adopt their sons and move on with their lives. They had to respond. So, they decided to use their creative talents to tell a story. That’s how it all began …

They recruited creative friends and took three trips to Guatemala in 2009-2010 to produce ‘Reparando’, a feature-length, award-winning documentary that depicts the country’s 36-year war and reconstruction.

The Moore’s adopted two boys from Guatemala at 8 months old but now these boys are teenagers. Personally we are learning about the impact of trauma in their stories related to their adoptions and pre-natal care and the impact of epigenetics. While they are not experts on this kind of emotional trauma in children, they are learning how to balance their health and our expectations as adoptive parents.

However, after the adoptions and learning more about the needs within Guatemala, they wanted to respond. Scott and Amelia started a non profit that works in Guatemala that uses creative arts workshop to teach about spiritual and emotional health focused on our identity in Christ. They have been facilitating mission trips that lead week-long art camps with about 10 partnership organizations in Guatemala from orphanages to schools for over a decade. The non-profit offers 5-6 trips a year and have a core leadership group in Guatemala that does on-going work in additions to the camps. Through the non profit they have also produced two documentary films about stories in Guatemala. 

Their adoption story is full of ups and downs as they have had their fair share of struggles in parenting teens… like any other family. It’s important to note that parenting teens when combined with the challenges of adoption creates another layer of parenting that can be very hard. Listen in as they share how they are only able to navigate the rigors of parenting with Gods grace and help and yet despite all those challenges they are helping others to do the same. Both Scott and Amelia will tell you, they are very happy their  non-profit work and ministry is growing….and they cheerfully invite other parents to join them in that.

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Notes & Quotes: 

“Statistics show that 80% of adopted kids have ADD-ADHD spectrum disorders”

“Adoptive parents that have the ‘wound’ of infertility can have those old issues triggered at anytime”

“Epigenetics affects the DNA of mothers who are pregnant under stress and becomes an accumulated and inherited genetic issue in the children”

“Adoption can be a messy, beautiful thing full of life”

“Family struggles during life transitions can be amplified in their intensity when the children involved were adopted”