Rosalinda Rivera – Author, Producer, Activist, President of New Life Enterprises, and Executive Director of New Life For Youth. 

Rosalinda’s Points :

  • “Parenting isn’t about being ‘friends’ – invading our tweens and teens ‘privacy’is an essential part of protecting them from the temptations of substance abuse”
  • No family is safe from the epidemic of opiod addiction in America – suburbs or ghettos – all are being decimated
  • #2 cause of death in 9-11 year olds is suicide
  • Instead of Rehabilitation – we need “transformation’ to fight addiction
  • Kids are as young as 9 years old are starting to experiment with drugs
  • Prescription pain killers from friends or families are the gateway for 4/5 addicts
  • Signs for parents to watch for: Weight loss – unexplained / money missing / new social circle of friends / secrecy / isolation / sleep habits change / health changes / abrupt mood swings


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