Episode #90

Robert Beeson and Pastor Brad Mathias (Our Co-hosts of BBP) discuss some of the recent societal tragedies that are affecting families of faith everywhere. The connectivity of our modern world has allowed for us to be informed all the time about ‘everything’. Good or bad. Our work spaces, schools, social media posts, and dinner conversations are constantly being bombarded with real and imagined threats to our well-being.

  • Syria and Israel
  • Global Warming
  • Mass shootings
  • Economic instability
  • Russian Political Controversies
  • Democrats and Republicans
  • National debt
  • Natural Disasters
  • Fake News
  • Health Crisis

Join our Podcast hosts as they review the latest headlines and how the news media manipulates our emotions to gain viewers and spikes our fears and anxieties along the way.  Listen in as we consider the direct impact the 24/7 News Cycle has on our homes, families, and personal anxieties and fear.

IF you or someone in your family are struggling with chronic and growing anxiety about the issues in our world, it may be time for you to push back the amount of media your consuming. As Christians and families of Faith, we need to live beyond our fears and learn to live motivated by love.

Our mindset’s are conditioned by what we consume, if we constantly absorb warnings, threats, controversy, strife, etc… we will live as amped up and alarmed individuals with a strong sense of fear and anxiety nearly all the time. The Christian has the choice and the responsibility as role models to decide if we are going to live constantly afraid or will I chose to place my faith and trust in God’s power and providence.

When we as parents chose to push back the fear in our lives we have the ability to live in a more peaceful environment, our families will take their cues from us. So… if fear and anxieties are ruling in your kids lives, it may be time to throttle back the ingestion of politics, news, and mass media.

Robert and Brad lead us on a simple but profound review of the promises of God to lead and protect His people, and how we can reclaim our peace on daily basis!

Daily Devotional Links:

DAB (Daily Audio Bible)

Streams in the Desert (Crosswalk)

Oswald Chambers, “My Upmost for His Highest”





Notes & Quotes: 

We cannot control global warming, but we can spend time with God on a regular basis” – Pastor Brad

“My prayer is that we would be disciplined enough to spend time with God, regardless of if we feel like we need him or not” – Pastor Brad 

“If we only consume stressful news and information, we will be come stressful and anxious people.” – Robert Beeson 

“Taking a few minutes to read a Psalm of David can make all the difference in our day” – Brad & Robert