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Steve Cleary is the creator of a brand new version of Pilgrim’s Progress, the CGI animated film coming out for Easter 2019. He speaks on using story to share essential Biblical truths, to inspire kids to explore deep spiritual ideas through classic stories and scripture. The audience for this film is tweens, by the way!

The film was created by Steve Cleary who used to work with Voice of the Martyrs. One thing that is very interesting about an animated Pilgrim’s Progress – the film can be shown in countries that don’t allow Bibles and Christian films!  Steve started his work in missions in 1989 as a volunteer for The Voice of the Martyrs. He joined the staff in 1990 and soon after had the honor of traveling with VOM founders Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand. Being able to spend the last decade of their lives with them became the biggest blessing and honor of Steve’s life. He continues with VOM as a contractor and has traveled with them to hostile and restricted nations around the world, including Cuba, Sudan, Northern Nigeria, borders of North Korea and most recently Iraq during the Isis occupation.

In 2015 Steve and Robert Fernandez began an animation studio in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was at this time he began to see both the tremendous need and opportunity of making films for the mission field. In January 2017 Steve officially founded and launched the ministry Revelation Media, which is committed to providing quality and culturally engaging media for the global missions community. His projects include the Tortured for Christ movie, a feature length film of the CGI animated film The Pilgrim’s Progress, and The Animated Bible Series, a visual narrative of the entire Bible.

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Notes from our Interview: 

What devotional will really work for our kids? Print media or something animated in CGI – ? Kids speak the media language, and providing them with resources that will actively hold their attention and capture their imaginations are an essential part of ministry today.

Pilgrim’s Progress has inspired classic art and generations of men and women’s faith life. A new generation needs exposed to this iconic tale of faith and Christianity.

This project provides a full depth of theology, spiritual allegories, timeless truths and essential values are communicated in ways that other resources don’t do as well. It’s non-denominational and universal in its appeal as a riveting story.

Tweens speak the same language as the mission field. This legacy project will impact hundreds of countries with the gospel message and as a ministry this film is being provided ‘free’ to the mission world as a evangelistic tool to be used across the globe.