Paige Clingenpeel LMHC 

A mental health therapist with extensive experience in working with families, Paige has a passion for those in the middle of parenting pre-teens and teens, Paige offers an encouraging perspective for parents who are feeling worn out. Her insights and speaking engagements are welcomed nationally at youth retreats and ministry events. Mother of four kids herself, Paige’s advice is formed from her own practical life experiences.

Check out Paige’s podcast interview and find out ‘whats going on in your kids head!”

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Podcast Link: What’s Going on in my kids head?

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Notes and Quotes 
Topic: “Self Care” and Parenting
Self care seems selfish, but it’s actually essential for parents to make time to recharge.
Modeling behaviors like ‘respect’ and love’ are vital for parents to show their kids
Listening is the ‘key’ to starting communication
Parents need to not only take time for themselves, but they need to cultivate a trustworthy group of friends and mentors to gain perspective and encouragement from.
Surround yourself with truth-seekers and truth-speakers.
Self care is creating space for God