Nanette’s passion for living out Ernest Hemingway’s directive to “write the truest sentence you know” led her to major in journalism and pursue a career in communication.

Nanette is owner and president of Big Rock Ideas, an outsourced inbound marketing company serving B2B businesses.

In her blog, “Faith Runner: Journeying to the heart of what is true,” she shares life lessons she’s learned walking with God as a wife for 25 years, mother of four children (ages 14-20), businesswoman and Christian witness.

Nanette would love to hear from you. Email her at: [email protected]

Nanette has written a new book for the adult survivors of childhood abuse and the church. Her book “DENIAL – Abuse – Addiction – and a Life Derailed” delves into the impact of childhood abuse as it continues to influence the life of the adult survivor.

Denial exposes the lies sowed in the hearts of many sexual abuse survivors.

  • “It’s my fault.” The most insidious lie a young victim of sexual abuse believes is that it happened because of something they did or did not do. Blame leads to shame, denial, self-contempt, and ultimately despair over their unforgivable acts.
  • “Intimacy is my enemy.” Betrayed by what they thought was love, victims often make intimacy their enemy and grow up rejecting healthy love relationships for unhealthy ones, and lashing out in ways that only heighten their sense of isolation and unworthiness.
  • “Where is God?” Many victims of sexual abuse grow up questioning how a loving God could allow such pain to be inflicted on an innocent child. But the cases profiled in the Grand Jury Report go even further; the clergy intentionally weaponized the symbols, language and concept of God to maintain power and inflict their terror.

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