Melanie Medina is the mother of three and a survivor of sixteen years as a single parent. Now remarried and living happily as a blended family, her experiences and insights provide encouragement and wisdom for those in the struggle of solo parenting. Her E-Book “The Fitted Sheet” is available on her ministry website – 

An author, blogger, and media marketing consultant, Melanie provides helpful advice and perspective for single moms who are working through the day to day struggles of parenting. In this weeks Podcast she shares her story, and provides our audience with inspiration and hope as she testifies to the power of the local church to come along side and provide a safe haven for her healing and recovery. God has used the wounds of her past to become the focus of her joy and strength today!

Melanie talks of how she’s been learning all over again how to trust God for the things she can’t do on her own, and how to share the load of parenting with her blended family and husband. Listen in as we explore the new life God has restored to Melanie, and offers freely to each one of us!


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Quotes from her interview on BBP.

“”What not to say to a single mom… I”m so sorry”

“I avoided and stopped attending my home church because of the embarrassment and shame I felt when I walked in the sanctuary as a single mom”

“The Church became a place of safety and support for me”.

“Victory Life Church and Pastors Duane / Sue Sheriff were a huge part of my redemption story and key factors in her decision to renew her involvement with the church.”