Matt Mckee,

Matt is a parent, pastor, husband and he wants to help other parents feel empowered to get in the discussion about technology in our homes.  One day Matt discovered that his 9-year-old son had accessed adult sites while at a friend’s house. While trying to figure out how to face this issue, Matt realized his entire family had issues with technology.

80% of parents say they don’t know how to monitor their child’s online activities

70% of teens use smartphones.

46% of teens said they would change their online behavior if they knew their parents were paying more attention.

Matt has written a fun, disarming book called Parent Chat: The Technology Talk for Every Family.  The book is designed to help parents maneuver technology and keep their kids safe online. He gives leading questions, discusses how different ages think about technology, gives solutions, offers up technology usage contracts…it’s a very practical and entertaining book.  It’s not about fearing technology and isolating your kids. It’s about empowering families to get on the same page! Matt also became involved with Circle with Disney – which is a new product that helps parents monitor technology – apps, TV, computers, iPads. Circle was created by a group of Christians, and has created an amazing help for parents to understand what technology is being used in their home, for how long, on what device …. and it has the power to turn off or disable any and all technology.  You can even set timers so you limit yourself to how long you spend of social media each day! Circle can help keep pornography, sites where bullying occurs, sites where predators Iive and sites that mask other sites out of our homes.

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