Episode #91 

Kent Evans is the Executive Director of Manhood Journey.Kent is married to April, his wife of 22 years and has five sons ranging from age 2 to 18.He’s founder of Manhood Journey and author of Wise Guys.

Why Manhood Journey? If you’re like most dads, you walk around feeling like a failure as a husband and father. You don’t have to. At Manhood Journey, we believe you can turn it around and live as a more confident, godly dad who leads his family without regrets. We think you can:

You can become a more confident dad

You can feel like less of a failure

You can balance your time and priorities better

How do we know this? Because we’ve seen it. It our own lives and in the lives of the dads we serve. Manhood Journey’s mission is to help dads become disciple-makers. We do this through a number of resources, including our brand new “Field Guides” and studies designed for men and fathers.

What’s your greatest challenge to becoming a godly father?

That’s the exact question we’ve had 2,000 dads answer. See what they said and figure out if you can relate. Maybe you want to learn how to be a godly father, be more intentional with your time, improve communications with your kids, or you’re just not sure where to start? Then, snag some helpful resources to overcome those challenges.

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Notes & Quotes: 

“Discipleship happens in the margins of our life”

“We disciple our kids when we serve our wife”

“God’s presence is ‘most’ important in our life”

Latest research from MJ (Manhood Journey) indicates the three greatest challenges to fathers today are;

1. Finding time in the day to actively participate in parenting

2. Communication, knowing they have a limited window of opportunity

3. Don’t know where to start.

Resources:Wise Guys” Book by Kent Evans.