Keith Ferrin is an author, speaker, and blogger. His passion is helping people not just read and study the Bible, but engage with it and truly enjoy it. His word-for-word, dramatic presentations of whole books of the Bible have been shared with audiences of all ages and sizes throughout the United States as well as overseas in Europe and Asia. He is the author of six books, including How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible and his latest, Bible Praying for Parents. Keith is a husband to one and father to three. If they are not at one of the kids’ sporting events, you’ll probably find them by the water somewhere. They all live outside of Seattle.

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BRILLIANTLY BRAVE Ep#23 – MOVING FROM SHOULD TO WANT – Keith Ferrin by Brilliantly Brave


Key points from Keith’s Interview: 

  • We need to teach and model to our kids how to read the bible not ‘informationally’ – but ‘relationally’
  • Moving from ‘should’ to ‘want’ is a key advance in reading scripture
  • We can’t do ‘everything’ – but we can do the ‘next’ right thing!”
  • Spending time with God is more than just ‘learning’ something about Him.


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