Julie Rupp lives in a small town in rural Indiana with her high school sweetheart Todd (married for 14 years).  She began her adult career as an Elementary music teacher and youth pastor’s wife.  Her podcast, Parenting Tomorrow’s leaders (available on iTunes and Stitcher radio) launched in January of 2017 for her to learn valuable parenting insights to help her parent 2 children, Kahra (9) and Connley (7). Her website and podcast are accessible at parentingtomorrowsleaders.com

Podcast Link: https://soundcloud.com/brilliantlybrave/ep58-julie-rupp

YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/FAqkNxQzf64


Key Elements to our podcast conversation:

“There are times as a parent when we need more than “advice’ from other parents! ”

“Don’t give yourself too much credit or too much fault…”

“Find a mentor, you need more than the advice of friends who are in the same stage and place as we are. Mentors can help sort out parenting issues with common sense, experience, and a better perspective.”

“Be careful not to teach your kids to depend just on you, but lead them to depend on the Holy Spirit for decisions”

I will not focus on my children as they are now… but what they will become in the future

“It’s important to take the time to explain your actions or silences with your kids – don’t allow them to interpret your behaviors by themselves.”