Episode #99

“Dealing With A Child’s Death” with Joe & Anne Ciccoline. They share their tragic yet triumphant story of losing their baby son Noah to a heart defect after only 3 days out of the womb. The Ciccolines give details of the pre and post-birth and how they felt a Godly presence throughout, though the impact of losing a child so soon after birth continues to impact them today. Find our blog at BrilliantlyBraveParenting.com or on Facebook at #BrilliantlyBraveParenting or watch our #iShine podcast videos on YouTube. Also consider donating to keep this growing podcast moving forward – thanks!



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Notes & Quotes: 

“Statistics show that 80% of adopted kids have ADD-ADHD spectrum disorders”

“Adoptive parents that have the ‘wound’ of infertility can have those old issues triggered at anytime”

“Epigenetics affects the DNA of mothers who are pregnant under stress and becomes an accumulated and inherited genetic issue in the children”

“Adoption can be a messy, beautiful thing full of life”

“Family struggles during life transitions can be amplified in their intensity when the children involved were adopted”