Episode #76

Creative. Singer. Speaker. Writer. Coffee consumer. Wife. Mom. Mimi. Shoe lover. These are some of the things that describe Jill Parr but at her core, one of Parr’s greatest gifts, is her ability to feel deep. This exploration through music and writing has helped her to reach an audience of women who might normally feel alone, isolated and sometimes hopeless.

Parr toured the country as a CCM recording artist, playing festivals and churches for over a decade. Things began to shift as she and her husband came off of the road when Parr’s husband, Brian Hardin- also her record producer, began podcasting the Bible by reading it fresh daily. (www.dailyaudiobible.com). Parr found herself singing less and speaking to a wide range of females. While speaking wasn’t her passion, she found herself dragging her feet as music started to fade into the background.

“After a lifetime of building an identity in music, I couldn’t imagine giving that up to become a speaker. I didn’t work my whole life to build a speaking career and it just sort of fell into my lap. I was thrashing about, to be honest. Eventually, God spoke to me through a friend and said, ‘why are you limiting yourself to singing, when I have so much MORE for you?’ I had never thought about it in those terms. Instead of replacing something that I love, He was giving something IN ADDITION TO. I think there are times that we have to let go of things that we are white knuckling in order to receive all that He wants to give us,” says Parr.

Jill uses her gifts of creativity, music, art and speaking to create a unique experience for women called, “MORE”. (www.moregathering.com). “I believe we are made for more and I believe this desire is opposed in every way. We will never accomplish what God created us to without knowing who we are and who He is.”

Jill and Brian continue to create art together. They travel extensively and reside outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with their 5 kids, 2 grandsons and all of her shoes.



YouTube: https://youtu.be/hdX-Su6tna0

Notes & Quotes: 

“Christian artist, mother, and speaker. Jill shares her journey of faith and personal growth across the decades of her public ministry to women and moms.”

“Feelings of being alone and isolated, living under the pressures of constantly comparing herself to others, fears of things never changing… stuck in shame.” Jill shares her personal journey of overcoming these and many other struggles common to women the world over.

“The church has to be a safe place for women to go and admit their struggles” – Jill Parr

“Sometimes overcoming is just taking the first step” – Jill Parr

“Most moms are living on ‘coffee and cold meds’ – Jill Parr

“We need more brave, vulnerable women who are honest” – open and honest about their personal struggles, authentic!” – Jill Parr

Ways you can get in touch with Jill:

Facebook: Jill Parr
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Instagram:  OfficialJillParr
Twitter:  Jill Parr LittleRedHippy
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