BBP Episode#83

Jessica Smartt is a former teacher, current homeschool mom, and passionate Christ-follower. She’s been published on The Huffington Post and have written an eBook on How To Introduce Your Child To Jesus. Jessica is passionate about helping moms to detach from the ever-present lure of technology (which can feel way more fun than parenting), about helping women recover from worry (been there, done that!) and about how to be a confident, purposeful homeschooling mom.

As the mother of three kids (10, 8, 4) Jessica starting blogging a week after her first baby was born. Her motherhood blog, Smartter Each Day. Jessica and her husband live in beautiful North Carolina, where she loves hikes with kids(mostly), steaming coffee in the afternoon, family bike rides, and anything that’s ever been done to a potato.

She passionately believes that moms that start over anytime, by rewriting our stories and redeeming the time we have! Her books and blogs are full of practical and helpful advice for mothers.

She recently published a new book with Thomas Nelson called “Memory Making Mom” 

Her website features a blog and resources as well as ways to contact Jessica,




Notes & Quotes: 

“Traditions are the missing link between the issues that matter and putting them into action” – Jessica Smartt

“Traditions allow us to transfer truth and meaning to our kids” – Jessica Smartt

“there is so much pressure to raise our kids that we forget to develop our own traditions” – Jessica Smartt

“We may not need to add something ‘new’ to our life, but ask ourselves what are we already doing that’s working” – Jessica Smartt

“We’re going to regret staring at ‘screen’s more than faces” – Jessica Smartt

“Worry is a life-long issue for moms, it can isolate and depress us if we don’t ask for help” – Jessica Smartt