Episode #75

Jason Gibson is the director of the BabbCenter and provides guidance to one of the leading counseling centers that operates from a faith-based perspective. Prior to assuming leadership at the BabbCenter, Jason was a learning and behavioral consultant working with schools and treatment facilities across the US supporting children and adolescents with social, emotional or behavioral issues. With degrees in psychology,  social work,  and education,  Jason’s peer-reviewed research has been published in journals such as “Topics in Early Childhood Special Education”, “Closing the Gap”, and “Education and Treatment of Children with Developmental Disabilities”. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky writing his dissertation on the Efficacy of Online Professional Development to Increase Implementation of Stimulus Preference Assessments.

Jason grew up in Titusville, FL and prior to moving to Hendersonville, made central Kentucky his home for 8 years. He has been married to Julie, for over 14 years and they have four children.




Notes & Quotes: 

“Technology is now an “ALWAYS” part of the parenting conversation”

Fact: Kids are averaging less an an hour of real conversation with their parents a week. “With media, kids are curious – not evil. They just want to see what the big deal is.”

“We need tools to help parents with technology, not just run from it: Technology is a key to unlocking the door to a springboard for important parenting conversations with our kids.”

“As parents we need to do 2 things with technology: 1. We need to be AWARE and 2. We need to be THERE.”

“Technology isn’t a ‘value’ it’s not good or bad, its just an instrument, what we chose to put through it makes all the difference”

“Training our kids to ‘see’ the moonwalking bear. Teaching them to look beyond the media and medium of technology to really ‘see’ what’s being promoted and valued by the media they consume. It allows a parent to use technology to teach them that we (parents) see what they can’t see yet.”

“As families, we can use the reference of a ‘moonwalking bear’ to privately and quickly alert our kids that the media they are seeing isn’t all it seems to be.”

“We must meet our kids in their world, not just invite them into our ours”

Contact: You can find Jason spreading practical ideas about how to parent in a digital world most anywhere. Here is a great place you can find him now.