Two and a half years ago, Francesca set out to create the follow-up to 2014’s If We’re Honest. She intended to make a worship record. It seemed like a logical artistic direction following a string of critically-acclaimed collaborations with Bethel Music and the massive success of her version of “Holy Spirit,” which earned Battistelli her first GRAMMY® Award. However, as she and her husband, Matt, began to pray before each co-write, what emerged wasn’t congregational worship anthems. Instead, empowering pop songs started surfacing, and track-by-track, Battistelli began to build her fourth studio LP, Own It.

“I thought I had a handle on what this album was going to be, but Matt and I prayed before every songwriting session, and God gave me a completely different set of songs than I was expecting,” she reveals. “We definitely took some songs from the first batch, but so many came in at the eleventh hour that it would’ve been a completely different record two years ago.”

On August 27, 2009, Battistelli married percussionist Matthew Goodwin. They have two sons and a daughter, Matthew, Audrey and Isaac. On October 1, 2017, Battistelli gave birth to her fourth child Wyatt Samuel.



Highlights from our Interview:

“Just because something works well in one season of life doesn’t mean it will always work well”
“With touring and family (4 kids on the road) I didn’t feel like I could do both well. Touring and Motherhood were a struggle.”
“my husband and I realized we needed to make a change, putting our family first we decided to take 18 months off of touring”


Just a Breath (2004)[25]
My Paper Heart (2008)[9]
Hundred More Years (2011)[15]
Christmas (2012)
If We’re Honest (2014)[17]
Own It (2018)