Dean Diehl Provident Senior VP / College Professor

Points from our conversation with Dean :

  • “Self – reliance as a parent will get your kids killed (Spiritually)”
  • Jesus never called us to be ‘good’ – But Holy. Good is what we do, Holy is what He does.
  • Christian Karma is when we start ‘comparing’ our good/bad behavior with others, and rely on our being ‘better’ than other people.
  • Selling salvation is one of the great failures of the evangelical church over the past century. We’ve tried to ‘sell’ the gospel – and we’re not called to sell the gospel – it’s not a sales proposition – it’s an offer of life.
  • Values based parenting vs. Rules based – the difference is all about what we parent from, fear or love.
  • What is our goal as a parent? To deliver a ‘good’ kid at 18 years of age, without having premarital sex, having tried alcohol or drugs? Or is it to love them unconditionally and help them discover their identity as God created them to be?
  • Fear of missing out – is one of the key marketing approaches in our modern society – it shouldn’t be a Christian parenting or church principle.

Listen to our chat with Dean here :


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