Darrell McCumber is a third generation farmer from Central Illinois. His family and home life were happy and strong, he was raised with a heritage of faith that extends back for generations; yet as a teen he found himself struggling with depression and desperation. His story includes a time in his teen years when he was tempted to do the unthinkable, but thanks to God’s faithfulness and the grace of God, Darrell chose life and now his heart and passion for helping others chose life and faith remains to this day.

Darrell is not the head of some major ministry or a church pastor, but he is an amazing man of faith. A father, grandfather, and grateful son and nephew, his lifelong journey has been filled with great joys and celebrations as well as tragedies and sadness. Through it all he has kept his eyes and ears open for the needs of those around him, and continues to share his story of God’s faithfulness and protection over his life when he was most vulnerable.

He urges every parent and grandparent to pay close attention to their children, and to be extra vigilant with those students who are struggling with depression and poor self esteem.

Today’s episode will focus on the frightening statistics around teen suicide and the risks inherent to growing up. He make the extra effort to remind us that no matter how healthy or stable a family might be, depression can strike quickly and tragically if parents are not aware and actively involved in the lives of their children.

Podcast Link: https://soundcloud.com/brilliantlybrave/ep64-darrell-mccumber

YouTube Link:https://youtu.be/3DVnM4im8ms

Key Statistics on Teens and Depression:

20% of adolescents suffer with clinical depression.

Teen suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in youth ages 10-24

Warning signs:
Low self-esteem
Poor body image
ADHD disorders – Anxiety disorders
Loss of interest in pleasure or activities
Decreased appetite
Change in sleep pattern – inability or excessive
Fatigue – loss of energy
Isolating from family and friends
Talking about death or obsessing about death
Sudden and significant loss of weight
Overly Pessimistic –
Cutting or piercing – hurting themselves
American Foundation of Suicide Prevention
National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Remedy Live Ministry
Covenant House

Quotes from our Interview: 

I couldn’t have had a better home-life growing up, and still I was at risk for suicide”


“Parents can get so busy, they miss the subtle signs of depression and the behaviors that will warn us of trouble in our kids.”