Points from Dannah: 

  • Learning to play, to creatively engage helps our frontal lobe to develop and in doing so, increases self-control
  • 65% of high school kids are sexually active
  • 80%+ of College students are sexually active
  • We live in a ‘friends with benefits” culture today – a “hook up” society – where sex is a itch to scratch – with a friend, rather than a life-long commitment that’s sacred.
  • Adult men have an average of 9 sexual partners in their lifetime and adult women have an average of 7.
  • Steps parents can take to help their adolescent kids with sexual development.  – 1. Dinner 3 x 5 each week as a family 2. Regular times with each child – dinner or breakfast dates – consistently – 3. Role model romance as a parents – dads and moms honoring and loving each other in front of their kids.

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Dannah Gresh is the best-selling author, speaker, and creator of Secret Keeper Girl, America’s most popular tween stage show for moms and daughters.  Dannah has authored 27 books, including “And the Bride Wore White”, and “Lies Young Women Believe (with Nancy DeMoss Wogelmuth)” and is considered one of the leading experts on the subjects of sexual purity, modesty, and parenting tweens and teens.  More than 20,000 leaders and 100,000 moms have taught her curriculum and over 350,000 people have attended her live shows and retreats. She has been a guest on CNN, Fox News, and the 700 Club and is a frequent guest on Focus on the Family and Family Life. Her TEDTalk on Tolerance for Virginity offers a thought-provoking look at why one’s sexuality is enhanced by self-control. She lives in State College, Pennsylvania with her husband, Bob.