BBP Episode #79

Cindy Blom says she is often told that I have a doctorate in life. If that is true then it came from the school of hard knocks. Trust me there are easier ways to learn about this thing called life.

My family spent 15 years fighting the addiction and mental illness battle with our son. On May 1, 2014, we lost him to an accidental heroin overdose. During that time, I found out firsthand that this disease is a family disease. I have 10+ years on staff with The Counseling Center at Christ Community Church. While I was there provided counsel support services, worked with families and individuals who were in crisis, and provided coaching services. As a Certified Professional Addiction and Recovery Coach, I will work with those who are battling addition, trauma, grief and loss to develop life giving strategies.

I have a directive coaching approach, using the latest recovery based research and brain studies, cognitive restructuring, spiritual direction, mindfulness, story work, along with traditional 12 step work. One of my passions is bringing what I have learned to faith based communities to teach them skills how to care for those with complex and traumatic stories. This can be an extremely isolating journey. We don’t heal overnight. Healing is a process.

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Interview Notes & Quotes: 

“After 25 years as a church staff member watching how the ‘Jesus sausage’ is really made, I’ve had some significant experiences as a parent and fellow believer” – Cindy Blom.

“I work with addiction issues and the affects of unresolved grief” – Cindy Blom

“God doesn’t give us a story without properly preparing us for it”  – Cindy Blom

Fact: Most addictions in kids start around the age of 14, usually with prescription drugs” – inside and outside of the church.

Fact: 75% of single parent families have experienced issues of opioid dependency.

Fact: Mental illness and unresolved emotional trauma drive the rise in addiction and opioid dependency.

“We need to stop battling our kids and start ‘fighting’ their addictions as ‘mental illness‘. – Cindy Blom

“mental illness is not a moral failure” – Cindy Blom

“Dealing with addiction requires us to follow the pain” – Cindy Blom

“Mental diseases should be treated the same as cancer or any other serious illness” – Cindy Blom