Episode #102

If it wasn’t obvious enough from their divorce and incredible remarriage, the husband and wife duo Out of the Dust truly have a story to tell from their past as well as through their music.
These two 30 somethings tour the country (with their two young children!) carrying a message that has resonated with listeners and viewers across generational, racial, and geographic borders. The message? Simply this: nothing is ever too lost and no one is ever too far gone.
After growing up in church and marrying young, like so many young men, Chris slowly and quietly lost all faith in God during college. Even while slipping deeper into drugs, he secretly managed an alter ego for years around church friends, family, and even Stephanie. Finally, everything surfaced one Thursday night in January 2010. Their young marriage quickly collapsed in divorce as Chris walked away from God, friends, and everything he and Stephanie had built together. After divorcing Stephanie, his independence very rapidly found him in the most desperate and heartsick place of his life, and it was there that God revealed the depth of his selfishness and pride. Incredibly, in just over a year, with a lot of prayer, counseling and forgiveness, God mended their hearts, completely restored their marriage, and still continues to breathe new life into their story today. Their passion and mission is to tell of God’s beautiful and majestic redemption through music that is stirring, hopeful, and uniquely their own.

God not only redeemed and resurrected their marriage, but He also gave them a new direction which they had never even dreamed about… Music together with a purpose. The release of their debut album led them to perform and share their story all over the country, and they received extensive media coverage including Fox NewsThe 700 Club and Family Life Today.

Chris and Stephanie have spent the past few years touring the country (with their two young children!) carrying a message that has resonated with listeners across generational, racial, and geographic borders. The message is simply this… nothing is ever too lost and no one is ever too far gone.

On September 13th, Out of the Dust released their sophomore album, Now More Than Ever. The new project features guest appearances by Dove Award-winning artist Plumb and Christian Hip-Hop favorite, Tony Tillman. For more information, view the official press release at http://prez.ly/znfb and the official website at www.outofthedustmusic.com.

Track Listing: 
1) I Come Alive
2) So Amazing
3) Now More Than Ever
4) I Will Go
5) Truth (feat. Tony Tillman)
6) Love Your Enemies
7) Take This (feat. Plumb)
8) (Still)
9) I Still Believe In You
10) Redemption Skies
11) Great Is Thy Faithfulness


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