Episode #72

Live from the front lines of the most recent CPC Conference in Orlando FL. Listen along as pastor Brad interviews five different pastors from all over the US about their experiences in engaging pre-teens and tweens. Ministry is changing as is parenting, and these unique and insightful discussions are so helpful for us to understand what our kids are dealing with and how hard it is to keep their attention.

We’re grateful for the volunteers and staff of churches who invest their lives in our kids, and we have a rare and unique opportunity to hear what they are encountering in the church. For parents and pastors alike this is a helpful discussion with five distinctly different individuals with five distinctly different viewpoints for all of us to benefit from.

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If you’re engaged in ministry or want to be, this is a MUST listen.

Link to CPC Conference / INCM Website: https://www.childrenspastorsconference.com/

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YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/USBTlhClKNc