Episode #78

Brittany Ann is a devoted Christian, wife and mother, Brittany loves helping other women grow in these roles as well. She does this primarily through her website, EquippingGodlyWomen.com, where she challenges, encourages and equips Christian women to be ALL IN in faith and family.

Brittany is also the author of Putting God First and the creator of the Quiet Time Planning Guide, a free guide to help Christian women make regular Bible reading a priority. Are you a Christian woman who wants a strong faith and a close family? Me too! That’s why every week I send out helpful Bible-based advice, resources and encouragement for the issues Christian women just like you deal with every day.

I’m the wife to one amazing husband, mom to three adorably energetic little ones, and the author of four books and counting. I’m a half-marathon runner, a chocolate chip cookie lover, and a devoted follower to one amazing God.And ever since I was in high school, I’ve always known I was made for something more. I’d see the amazing Christian women, wives and mothers around me and think:

“Wow. How did they get a faith that strong? How did they get such a strong marriage or such fantastic kids? And how can I be like that / have that too?”

You see, even though I grew up as a “good little Christian girl” who went to church allllll the time, I couldn’t even imagine giving up all of my comforts, bad habits and favorite sins to fully embrace a Christian life that’s ALL IN.

I couldn’t imagine truly opening up to my husband and risking rejection as we worked to make our marriage all it could be. I couldn’t imagine being that amazing, Godly mother who was everything her kids deserved in a mom and more.But I knew I had to. Even if it was hard.Somewhere along the way I started this blog for Christian women just like you… And now? I’m ready to be ALL IN.



YouTube LINK:https://youtu.be/QWDLuxPlzUc