Episode #96

Brandon Lozano is a famous and accomplished musician. Featured as a drummer with “For King & Country, “Phil Wickham”, and “Matthew West”, Brandon has seen God work in amazing moments and ways on tour, in concerts and in churches across the world. But nothing would prepare him for how God would work in his very own family.

As parents, we don’t just read passages like Acts 4:32 or Gal 5 to our kids, we create opportunities for them to live it out themselves. It’s been amazing to see how they just seem to “get it” after DOING it! 😉 Sharing the resources God gave to you, dying to yourself, and sacrificial love are simple concepts to understand – but difficult and rare to do. But this is where the most powerful relationships are born! It’s what God modeled first (by giving his son), Jesus second (by giving his life), and ours third (by giving ourselves to Jesus and to others).

Raised in the church, Brandon has a love of life, music, and children. His marriage and family have been marked by the stresses and scars of life and as they worked through the issues in their lives a special circumstance with their son Landon (couldn’t speak for 3 years) led them closer together and closer to God. Follow along as we hear of how the Lozano’s discovered a special treatment that has opened their lives to healing and hope. 

TBRI is Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) is a therapeutic model that trains caregivers to provide effective support and treatment for at-risk children. TBRI has been applied in orphanages, courts, residential treatment facilities, group homes, foster and adoptive homes, churches, and schools. For more information about TBRI or the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU, click here! 

Join us as we discover the dramatic story behind this amazing Christian musician and his beautiful family and how God’s miracles are still happening in families just like every day. Learn how a modern understanding of science has helped parents and children affected by trauma and developmental disorders related to emotional and physical pain.




Notes & Quotes: 

“On our journey as parents, we’ve learned that our kids aren’t ours… they are God’s children”

“God’s speaking to us, but sometimes we can’t understand it yet. In the end we grow from the moments that we can’t understand.”

“Healing happens through the parents”

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