Co-creator of Secret Keeper Girl and Born to Be Brave, Bob Gresh brings his entrepreneurial spirit and quirky style to this brand new event. By the age of 30, Bob had built a marketing firm, a local monthly magazine, and two start-up radio stations. His marketing, design, and business consultation garnered the Marketing Masters Award from Inc. Magazine and Missouri’s top Economic Development Marketing Award for two consecutive years. His clients included The St. Louis Ballet, Mobile Oil of St. Louis and Moody Publishers. In 2000, Bob switched his focus from the business field to found Grace Prep High School, a new model of Christian education. He is the author of Who Moved the Goalpost? Seven Secrets to Sexual Integrity by Moody Publishers, and has spoken on many national radio and television programs including Focus on the Family and Family Life Radio.

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Bob Gresh Key Ponts:

  • introduction to a brand new father/son ministry… “Born to Be Brave” – now on tour in the upper midwest.
  • “Doing the right – next – thing = bravery”
  • Real dad’s answering ‘real questions about fatherhood
  • What are the ‘labels’ men wear? What are the labels our society give us… and what can a father do to affirm his son? These are critical determinations a father should be involved in.
  • Many fathers are passive when it comes to the spiritual discipline in the home – but dads can become strategic in helping to celebrate a son’s milestone or coming of age moment!
  • Masculinity is more than hunting, fishing, and sports… it’s about the ‘man’ God created each of us to be, the role that we’re meant to fulfil.

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