Episode #69

“Music has such a mysterious power to bring people together,” says Erin Schneider. It’s certainly created an additional bond between her and her teenage daughter Addy.

Together they perform as Beken, a word derived from the German word bekannt meaning “to be known or acquainted.” It reminded Erin of the English word beckon, “to encourage someone to come nearer.” As a duo, their shared intent is to be known by God and to communicate that passion to their audiences.

The roots of their music go back to Erin’s childhood, growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. She loved the peaceful surroundings and would often sing while she and her mother milked the cows. As she grew up, she shifted her talents from the barn to local and regional venues.

Erin’s musical tastes encompass folk, country and the early years of contemporary Christian music as evidenced by her love of the music of Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. Addy prefers more upbeat, modern sounds of artists including Ariana Grande. They share a love for country music listing Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, among their favorites.

On stage, all influences are evident as their voices blend. They also share personal stories of challenges and triumphs from their dual relationships as musical partners and mother/daughter.

“We don’t sugarcoat anything in our music or our life experiences,” Erin asserts. “I think that’s a difference that makes it easy to connect with us and our music.”

As Beken, they are fearless in their honesty, captivating audiences with their willingness to be known.

Artist Website: http://bekenmusic.flywheelsites.com

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