Episode #97 

Bekah is a coach’s wife and mom to two boys, Titus who is with Jesus and Ely who is 6. She loves to write and share words of hope that point other hurting and wounded souls to a good, redemptive and loving God.

Her first book (Can’t Steal My Joy) hit bookstores on September 17, 2019.

She was a children’s pastor for several years until Batten disease came knocking on the door, changing her and her family’s life course. She now works in the nonprofit world, advocating for children in foster care and has a passion to help bridge the large gap between church and families with disabilities.

How “Can’t Steal My Joy” began

In November of 2014, my baby sister was getting married. I was the matron of honor and my oldest son, Titus, the ring bearer. Leading up to the week before the wedding, Titus could not escape terrible seizures. They were uncontrolled by medication and endangered him. The doctor took one look at him in clinic and sent us right over to the hospital where he remained for more testing and a drastic change-up in medication. As the countdown to this special day got closer, it was obvious we wouldn’t be making it to the wedding happening a few states away. We were all broken-hearted. How could I possibly miss my sister’s wedding? 

A desperate perspective shift

Somehow we managed to pull together a plan and bought a plane ticket for myself and our youngest son, Ely. In a whirlwind trip, we hopped on a plane late Friday night to get there in time for the Saturday wedding. My husband would stay with Titus in the hospital. Ely and I would return early Sunday morning. And this was the life we were living for nearly a year at that point. Some unidentified monster kept jerking our family back and forth unexpectedly, ripping away plans and memories that were meant to be made. It angered me and yet I sought a perspective shift purely out of the need for survival. In that seeking, God met me in big ways and began teaching me about brokenness and beauty, about pain and joy.

As I learned these things, I would scribble them across the pages of my journal. And in those whisperings that scribbled across my heart, I felt a strong call to share. A friend of mine drove Ely and I to the airport late that November Friday and I mentioned this call on my heart to start a blog. She replied with an affirming enthusiasm, “YOU SHOULD!”

The Birth of “Can’t Steal My Joy”

But it wasn’t until March of 2015 that I finally took the dive. I signed on to WordPress and sat on the home screen where I needed to type in the name for my blog. Dun, dun, dun… The pressure to come up with something creative and catchy delayed my dive into the blog world. And then it hit me. The devil was trying so hard to steal my joy. This blog was my way of saying to him with a deep conviction, “You can’t steal my joy.” And this blog was born.

Here’s the thing… Guys, your story might look completely different than mine, but we all have something in common. We all have these broken stems and beaten leaves and we all have the potential to bloom full and beautiful despite our brokenness. Or, dare I say, because of?There is nothing that can illuminate the light better than darkness, am I right? And so here you and I are, our lives intersecting here and I am so thankful they have. We have power in doing life together as we enthusiastically affirm each other’s dynamic, glorious blooms that have come out of impossible brokenness.

 You can find her on:  Instagram @cantstealmyjoy2 and Facebook @Team4TitusEly.

She blogs her story at www.cantstealmyjoy.com.




Notes & Quotes:

“I learned to practice looking ‘up’ during my difficult days”

“In the dark days and places of life, I’ve learned how to have gratitude and practice proclaiming Gods faithfulness and character”

“It’s important to learn to feel ‘joy’ in the midst of difficult, even tragic circumstances!”

“I learned that God is here, with me in the bottom of the pit”

” I can truly say… I’ve never been abandoned by God”

“My Joy is Jesus, he is where I find peace and hope in the place that can’t disappoint”

“Bekah’s Advice on helping families in crisis, “just do, don’t ask them to let you know if they need anything”

“Receiving is a spiritual muscle we need to develop”

“The roots that held us together through the worst of it were: (1) are community, (2) remembering the past faithfulness of God and (3) the truth of scripture”