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Brilliantly Brave Parenting is a podcast, blog and resource site designed to empower parents of all stages and ages who are balancing meeting the demands of life while living responsibly as a family of Faith. Hosted by Robert Beeson and Dr. Brad Mathias, the podcast inspires, encourages and practically supports parents with advice from some of the leading voices in the faith market, as well as everyday parents who have experienced miraculous changes in their own families.

Brilliantly Brave Parenting is an offshoot of the Tween Gospel Alliance and iShine. Tween Gospel Alliance is a partnership of ministries that are committed to helping tweens encounter the truth of Jesus Christ and the authority of scripture. iShine is the world’s largest pre-teen Christian media group.

“We’re ready to dive in and explore new topics each season, we wanted to go more in-depth, and have some fun with our guests! Parents today sometimes feel like the odds are stacked against them. We strive to become a ‘go-to’ resource for families of Faith.” Brad Mathias 

“We were so encouraged by the amount of people who streamed or downloaded Seasons 1-3 of the podcast, that we decided to expand the show for season 4. We hope that Brilliantly Brave can build up a community of parents who are focused on raising kids with a biblical worldview!”Co-Host Robert Beeson

Robert Beeson is the founder and C.O.O. of iShine, the founder of Essential Records and former SVP of Provident Music Group. While these accolades may seem impressive, he is quick to say that his role as the father of three daughters is his most esteemed title.

Dr. Brad Mathias is the president of BEMA Media and pastor of Four Winds Anglican Mission. He and his wife were survivors of a near divorce, and now are actively engaged in public ministry to families in crisis. Brad and his wife Paige have been married for over 26 years and are the parents of three adult children and one grandson.

About TGA:

The Tween Gospel Alliance is a partnership of ministries working together to foster the faith of pre-teens and their families! Founded in 2014 with leaders from over a dozen ministry organizations, the TGA is actively involved with ministry to tweens and helping to equip parents.