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Brilliantly Brave Parenting is a podcast, designed to encourage parents of all stages and ages. We’re all stretching to meet the demands of life and trying to be responsible families of Faith. Hosted by Robert Beeson and Dr. Brad Mathias, this podcast inspires, encourages and supports parents with advice and insights from some of the leading voices in Christianity today.

Brilliantly Brave Parenting is an offshoot of the Tween Gospel Alliance  (TGA) and iShine Ministries. The TGA is a partnership of ministries that are committed to helping tweens encounter the truth of Jesus Christ and the authority of scripture. iShine is the world’s largest pre-teen Christian media group. 

Co – Host Dr Brad Mathias: “You can’t hide from the fact that parenting is the hardest and most important life assignment we’ll ever be given.  The goal of this podcast is to give you a boost of hope and encouragement when your feeling like a parenting failure. As parents, none of us feel ‘brilliant or brave’… but we can encourage one another with helpful information, advice, and honest testimonies of God’s faithfulness and grace when we need it the most. That’s what this Podcast is all about.

Pastor Brad is the president of Bema Media and currently engaged as a Pastor within the New England Diocese of the Anglican Church in America. He has served as the pastor of Four Winds Anglican in Columbia TN and on the board of iShine ministries. He and his wife were survivors of a near divorce, and are actively engaged in ministry to families in crisis. Brad and his wife Paige have been married for 28 years and are the parents of three adult children and one awesome grandson. Their blog Road Trip Parenting and book Roadtrip to Redemption are a big part of their parenting journey.


Co- Host Robert Beeson is the founder of iShine and Essential Records. He was the former SVP of Provident Music Group and has worked with almost every successful Christian record label or artist out there. While these accolades may seem impressive, he is quick to say that his role as the blended father of three daughters and three sons is his most esteemed title. A single father for almost a decade, Robert understands and can encourage single parents with his hard won insights and wisdom.

Robert is now the president and founder of Solo Parent Society and recently published his first book with Focus on the Family, ‘Going Solo”. An accomplished executive producer, foodie, and talented wordsmith, Robert is one of the funniest and smartest guys you will ever hear and his heart for the needs of blended families and solo parents is huge.


Co- Host Melanie Medina believes that being a solo-parent is one of the most important (and most gritty) jobs on the planet. Now, as a newlywed and newly empty-nester, she also shares a powerful testimony about Gods redemption, faithfulness, goodness, and restoration. In hopes to encourage other women who might feel stuck or hopeless, she continues to share pearls of wisdom with her friends, family, co-workers, and those who are avid readers of her BeholdHerLife blog.

She is a true example of, Here I am Lord; send me.” As part of her message to push past what seems impossible, She has written and released her first E-Book, titled The Fitted Sheet Dilemma. In it, she draws the correlation between her frustrations with the fitted sheet and issues in day-to-day life, ultimately bringing a directive to look to the Heavenly Father and his Word for guidance.

She is currently writing another book to encourage the Souls of Solo-Mommies who are overcoming the feeling of being devalued due to marital status. Within those pages, single moms will find a new slant on their journey, as well as a call to action to rise to the occasion of becoming Solo Moms with God as a co-parent. She is a contributor for the Joyful Life Magazines Devotion Team.

Melanie and her husband of six years, Tony, live in her hometown where she is a Director of Marketing. They enjoy serving in their church, traveling to Tennessee, spending time with their children and chasing the sun with their grandboy.


Ministry Growth:  We were so encouraged by the amount of people who have streamed or downloaded the podcast that we decided to expand the show from just audio to include video in 2019. We are excited to be a part of this growing community of parents who are raising kids with a biblical worldview!” To support this ministry – click here or share us with a friend… or both!

About TGA: The Tween Gospel Alliance is a partnership of ministries working together to foster the faith of pre-teens and their families! Founded in 2014 with leaders from over a dozen ministry organizations, the TGA is actively involved with ministry to tweens and helping to equip parents. https://www.tweengospelalliance.org/