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Aaron Edelheit –

Aaron M. Edelheit is the Chief Strategy Officer of FLO Technologies. Since selling his company, The American Home in 2015, Aaron founded Mindset Capital, a private investment firm. Aaron has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, and the New York Times and has given lectures on entrepreneurship and investments all over the U.S., Canada and South Africa. Aaron serves on the board of the Moishe House Foundation and is a Partner of Social Venture Partners in Santa Barbara working on homelessness.

Aaron Edelheit has a new book called “The Hard Break: The Case for a 24/6 Lifestyle”.  He speaks on how taking a day without technology each week can change your family. What a day off does to your brain and your body. Why Sabbath is important for your spirit and your family!  (note: Aaron is Jewish – and he’s passionate about sharing with his Christian friends why God has this as a commandment!)  https://www.thehardbreak.com/

“My goal in writing this book is to change the way people view and experience their modern lives,” he explains. “I want to offer a different perspective and concrete guidelines that can make people more productive at work, bring them greater happiness, save their marriages, and improve the overall quality of their lives.”

Productivity has become an international obsession. We celebrate a work culture where people boast of long working hours, their extreme schedules and how little they sleep. A constant stream of emails, texts, tweets, and more keeps us connected every minute and we rarely put our phones down. Every moment needs to be maximized and no time can be wasted.

And yet, most of us feel something is wrong. All of these attempts at optimizing business and life isn’t really making us happier. Ironically, it might not be making us all that productive either. In this groundbreaking book, noted entrepreneur and money manager Aaron Edleheit breaks down the myths around productivity and offers a startlingly simple solution: the Sabbath.

Through his personal journey of discovering the joy of taking a “hard break” one day a week to reset, Edleheit profiles not only his own life transformation, but hot this same practice has been changing the lives of well known entrepreneurs, celebrities and politicians alike.

For anyone who has struggled to find a good balance between life and work, this book offers an essential roadmap to make the right choices, attain more success, put life back into perspective and gain more happiness by taking a hard break for yourself.

PODCAST LINK – https://soundcloud.com/brilliantlybrave/taking-a-hard-break-ep46-aaron-edelheit